The 13 Essentials Every Woman Needs on Humid Days

The 13 Essentials Every Woman Needs on Humid Days

You wish for it from November to April, yet the second that summer heat wave hits, you instantly forget why. (Dripping sweat, chafing thighs and smudged makeup are all things we could really do without.) This year, get ahead of the game with these foolproof products.

Eyelet Dress

The airy fabric makes humid days a breeze—literally—but on the off chance sweat pools, you’ll camouflage it with the poppy color.

Setting Spray

No matter how long you primp and prep, humidity has a way of erasing all of your hard work in a matter of minutes. Set your look with a couple of spritzes and carry this spray with you to keep your foundation locked in.

Fresh Start Wipes

Got plans post work? Carry these convenient exfoliating and cleansing wipes to rid your skin of any grime you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

Shirt Dress

A breezy cotton dress is the perfect complement to a thick, humid day.

Anti-Humidity Serum

Call this product magic because not only will it help speed-dry your hair after your morning shower; it will keep it pretty darn sleek for the rest of the day.

Portable Fan

Stand on a stuffy subway platform long enough and you’ll be ecstatic for this pocket-sized fan.

Long-Wear Foundation

Some will argue that layering on a full face of makeup is a waste on a hot day. We say, it all depends on what kind of foundation you’re using. This stay-put formula will cover up any imperfections but feels lightweight enough that it won’t sweat off.

Mineral Powder

Midday shine will be no match for this compact translucent powder.

Breezy Maxi

The key to no-fret dressing during the summer months.

Loose Chafing Powder

Sure, it’s originally meant for babies. But once the summer heat causes rubbing limbs, you’ll be thankful you listened to us.

Blotting Kit

If you only get one product, make it this shine-stopping kit. With blotting papers and matte-edifying powder, sweat won’t stand a chance.

Work Appropriate Caftan

With a few simple accessory updates (a pendant necklace and wedges), this piece goes from beach cover-up to (causal) office attire.

Underarm Sweat Pads

Underarm sweat on silk blouses is our kryptonite. Luckily, no one will ever know you’re wearing these.