Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

Every dog owner is more or less scared of fleas. Unlike other pests, fleas feed on both, you and your pet. They can also quickly grow in numbers and take over your property. All that topped with the fact that it is not that hard to get them, especially with a dog, is quite scary.

However, we all take good care of our pooches. We invest in regular fleas treatment and flea repellents for dogs, but is there something else we can do? Something that won’t harm us or our pets in any way, won’t be expensive, and can still prevent pesky bloodsuckers from infesting our homes.

Natural Flea Remedies for Dogs With Herbs

There are a couple of home-made solutions known. You may or may not believe they work, but the truth is that they won’t cause any harm, for sure, so you might as well try them out.

One of these repellents is the home-made natural flea repellent spray for dogs.

Lemon Spray – Thinly sliced lemon left in water for overnight and moved into a spray bottle. You can spray your pet’s bedding, their favorite spot on the carpet and around the neck. This sounds more like a cleaning solution and it will make your home smell fresh. However, lots of insects are actually avoiding the fresh smell of lemon. So even if it does not have a large effect on fleas, it will protect you and your pets from mosquitos. Plus, your dogs’ bedding will smell nice and fresh.

Rosemary is a widely-used natural flea repellent

Rosemary Anti-Flea Powder : You can grind the herb into powder, occasionally combined with peppermint , fennel , and rue . You can use the powder to sprinkle your pet’s bedding, the entrance of the dog house, the entrance of your home, etc.

Rosemary won’t fight off a full-blown flea infestation. But it works well as the first line of defense, for when you are walking your dog in the park, leaving it to socialize with others.

Flowers as Natural Flea Repellent for Dogs

A couple of flowers can also prove successful against fleas:

  • Lavender
  • Spearmint
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Penny Royal

These can be planted around your outside dog house. It will look pretty and keep fleas away. That is a WIN-WIN situation right there! You can also plant them around your fence to keep passing by fleas at bay. You can use extracts from those flowers as a repellent, as well. A couple of drops on the neck would be more than enough.

Speaking of flower extracts and oils we must mention the citronella oil.

Natural Flea Repellent Essential Oils

Citronella Essential Oil : It is an oil extracted from the stems and leaves of Ceylon Citronella . It is perfectly safe for pets and humans, in fact, it is a leading ingredient in a lot of store-bought spray solutions for campers or other nature enthusiasts. You can also add this oil to your floor mopping solution to bring the flea protection even higher.

Use the same method of application with any other essential oil made from the above-listed flowers.

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