10 New Twists on Your Favourite Jean Jacket

10 New Twists on Your Favourite Jean Jacket

A veritable security blanket, your denim jacket and you have been through a lot—brisk commutes, beach vacations, freezing-cold office buildings that blast the A.C. at the first sign of spring. But sometimes the classic cut can feel a little, well, tired. Give yours a break by adding variety in the form of this season’s reimagined styles. Below are eight ready-for-anything jean jackets, covered in everything from flirty embellishments to edgy accents.

Raw Edges

Undone is the name of the game. Go even further with a style that ditches the heavy collar.


The best part of this trend? It might even motivate you to DIY. (OK, OK. Just kidding.)

Over Size

As if the jean jacket could get any cooler, enter: cuffed sleeves.


For those worried that a boxy jacket’s just not doing them any favors.


Delicate and draped, they’ll hardly know it’s actually denim.


Why choose one when you can have two?

Cropped (with Bell Sleeves)

The humidity-approved way to wear denim into summer: loose-fitting sleeves.

Faded Black

Give your baby blues a rest and test-drive the darker side of spring.


It’s like your BeDazzled jacket from 1990 (sans the hot pink sequins).

Painted Floral

Embroidered. Patches. Now painted. We’re getting our fix any way we can.